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A.M. Playhouse

A.M. Is a Performing Art Agency.

A.M. Playhouse is a performing arts company specializing in stage magic and theater. Its shows, suitable for all ages and non-verbal, are particularly favored by families and children. The company debuted its first show, "Diary of a Magician," at the 2024 Adelaide Fringe, where it received a five-star rating and garnered acclaim from both industry professionals and audiences.

Our Team


Anny Tsai

Founder / Producer

Holding a Bachelor's degree in Theater Arts and Administration Management, and a Master's degree in Performing Arts, Marketing, and Industry, Anny Tsai has made significant strides in the realm of theater.

As an independent producer and executive producer in Taiwan, her career is marked by innovation and leadership. In 2024, alongside Mu-Syuan Chang, she co-founded a performing arts agency with a visionary goal: to introduce Taiwanese magic theater to the global stage.

Their collaboration is poised to revolutionize how Taiwanese performing arts are perceived worldwide, blending traditional elements with modern flair to captivate international audiences.

0917Diary of a Magician04.jpg

Mu-Syuan, Chang

Artistic Director / Performer

Mu-Syuan Chang, an internationally acclaimed magician known for his innovative approach to the art of illusion, is poised to enchant audiences with a performance that stands apart from the rest. His talent and creativity have been recognized at prestigious magic conventions, where he has received significant accolades:


- YGAT Guangdong Magic Convention • Best Creative Act Award

- 808 International Magic Convention • Stage Contest Grand Prix


Mu-Syuan Chang serves as the artistic director at A.M. Playhouse, where his visionary leadership and creative prowess contribute to the organization's success in bringing innovative and captivating performances to the stage.

Fang Chen, Chou


Ciao Si, Chang


Chun Yu, Chen


Graduate Student in Arts administration


- Orchestra Administrative Officer

- Teaching Brass, Percussion Performance 

- Extensive experience as Executive Director and Stage Director for large-scale concerts

Ching Hui, Chang


Graduate Student in Arts Administration


- Managed marketing efforts for a diverse range of events.

- Directed as Executive Director for numerous music concerts, international festivals, and competitions.

- Produced the musical as an Executive Producer.

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