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Recent Performance

2024 Diary of a Magician Edinburgh Fringe

31st  July to 5th August, 14th to 25th August at C ARTS.

2024 Diary of a Magician Off Avignon Festival

11-16 Juillet à 10:50

11st -16th July 10:50 am

Coming Soon...

2024 Diary of a Magician Sziget Festival

7th to 12th August at Sziget Festival.

"Moves like a dancer, everyone is enraptured...Keeping children’s attention is tough; doing it without saying a word is even more impressive."

"It is stylish, compelling to watch and has that rare quality: an appeal to all age groups. The sense of delight amongst the audience was palpable."

2024 Diary of a Magician Taiwan Edition

“The plot is very interesting, engaging and amazing!”

“The best magic one-man show I‘ve ever seen.”

“Every frame and scene is a classic moment worthy of capturing.”

“Absolutely loved the music, featuring iconic Taiwanese tunes that send shivers down your spine.”

“Prepare to be astonished and utterly amazed!“

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