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Project Background - About "Diary of a Magician"


"Diary of a Magician" is the inaugural production of A.M. Playhouse, a non-verbal magic theater aimed at audiences of all ages. Through exquisite magic techniques and intricate storytelling, complemented by classical Chinese poetry and music rich in Taiwanese characteristics, we convey our narrative.


Making its debut at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in February of this year, "Diary of a Magician" received acclaim from audiences of all ages, especially children of school age. We aim to continue spreading this joy and beauty, fueled by the feedback we received. With passion and enthusiasm, we embark on our journey to Europe in July, hoping to share our inspiration with the world.

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A.M. Playhouse European Tour Charity Fundraising Project


"Where magic meets art, we bring sunshine to the dark." We are A.M. Playhouse, a performance arts group founded in 2024, specializing in magical theater productions. We invite you to take action and support our charity project, spreading the love and beauty of art together!


NTD 300

Public Ticket Donation Package (One)

NTD 800

Public Ticket Donation Package (Two)

NTD 1200

No Limit package

NTD 5000~10000

Amidst our team's considerations on how to balance our budget, we were reminded of the radiance we witnessed in the eyes of children during our performances in Australia back in February.


Reflecting on that moment of inspiration, we realized our shared aspiration: to ignite a passion for magic and the performing arts in more children. We hope to harness the collective power of the community and your generous support to sow the seeds of artistry in the hearts of disadvantaged children in Europe, creating a touch of magic in their lives.

We will collaborate with local media and charitable organizations to invite underprivileged children interested in the performing arts to attend our performances free of charge, offering them a unique summer experience.


This is an essential first step for us. With the support of the community, it will be a tremendous force driving our ongoing artistic endeavors! As a sponsor of this project, you will be invited as a VIP guest to our future performances in Taiwan! Additionally, you will become an esteemed member of our newsletter, receiving firsthand updates on our tours, future plans, and exciting news!

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